Our core mantra is to make it as affordable as possible for startups to actually start-up!

Through working with lots of startups over the years, we like to think that we understand their pain points. We do our best to offer affordable solutions to various unreasonable costs that startups face. Often guided by the community, we’re always seeking ways to buy some kit and bring your costs down. 


Last year we picked up a large format printer after seeing the amount our startups were having to pay to print banners, posters, flyers and canvas. It enables us to print for tenants at cost. Drop us a line if you’re an external and need printing and we’ll do our best to help.
We provide startups with (almost) professional headshots and team shots using our camera kit. We’ve now got a good selection of gear from pro cameras and lenses, tripods, lights, reflectors etc. We charge £50 per team member for headshots and throw in a selection of team shots for free. If you’re heavily restrained by budget, we’ll see what we can do to bring this down further. All startups in the Ministry are also welcome to use the kit as and when they need it.
Alongside using all of our profesional video gear for free, we also produce great looking content for our startups at an affordable rate (£150 per day). We’ve done all sorts of work for our teams from interviews to promo content and tech demos. Happy to chat through any of this if you’re looking for content production on the cheap!
We now have a sound booth that our startups can book out for free. The booth comes with lot’s of audio gear if needed. We noticed how much our tenants were paying to rent out similar spaces and realised we could easily emulate and charge our teams nothing. Boom!