Our founder lets you use his video and sound gear for free!

The Ministry kit we add to every now and then when we get a little bit excited. It’s free to borrow for all community members as long as when you borrow something, you do something nice for another Ministry member. 


Even when it’s wet and rainy there are places like our mini studio above to escape to.

To name just a few of the bits we lend out, we’ve got:

  • 2 x Panasonic GH5s DSLRs 4/3 lenses (produces decent 4k video, if you know what you’re doing I think you can produce broadcast quality footage… obviously its not the same as using pro kit but you can fake it to make it!).
  • Nikon D850 photo camera (also 4k video, but I prefer the GH5s for video).
  • Lots of audio equipment from 4 x wireless Senheiser mics, zoom H6 recorders, 4 xRode procast podcast mics etc.
  • A photo studio set up for both product and portrait photography with multiple backdrops.
  • A DJI Phantom 4 pro drone.
  • Podcast room.
  • Makita tools (every tool, bit and screw under the sun)