Evening code school (and weekend code school). Yes we’re planning on launching this as a regular thing and need some guinea pigs to test the concept.

Ok, I need to start by saying that there are some amazing code schools in London…

…overall if you’ve got the money and time then we really recommend Le Wagon. The junior devs that come out of their programme are commercially ready to go and hit the ground running. It’s so worth it if you’ve got the time and resources to do it (do it!).

We’re going to try and fill what we perceive to be the gap many people fall into… it’ll be for those without the chunk of cash to undertake a full on code school, and equally those who still need to work during the day to keep a roof over their head.

Register your interest here so we can send you more info

We’ll break up the sessions with projects using arduinos and raspberry pi for additional but related learning.

The initial outline plan:

Three evenings a week 6:30pm – 8:30pm (Mondays, Tuesdays and maybe Wednesdays) …and two Sunday sessions every month 10:30am – 3:30pm

We’ve had a quick chat with the team at Codecademy and are looking at ways in which a good chunk of the course will be us collectively working through their online content. Yes you could argue that you can do that on your own anywhere, but I think a mix of working around others learning together will help with the overall learning process. If we can get enough people to sign up then they’d be in a position to give us each a chunky discount off their pro licence.

Yes it could be argued that we probably / should do longer hours on those days, but I’m sceptical of the amount of information people can take on board in any one session, and our ability as humans to focus on anything for too long in any one day (this might just be me).

So you’ll need to do additional projects as and when your schedule allows, I really don’t want to call this “homework” as I think you’ll be joining us to learn to code as you want to learn… so rephrase homework into something you can swallow… like “future-self building sessions”… the more cynical will come up with something better.

Register your interest here so we can send you more info

First session end of March / early April 2020 tbc (depending on interest and keenness).

Cost: Free for Ministry members and c£35 per month for non-members… would love to get feedback on suggested pricing