“LOCK-IN” at our pub 24th January: party at our 1850s pub on an industrial estate… no residential neighbours… so it can be “lively” if you want.

Sign up starts from £1 a ticket… increasing each ticket sold.

About this Event

Free drinks – free food – music and games… all night long.

You’ll be skint in January, so sign up now and have something to look forward to.

This event is designed for startups, but you’re welcome to bring friends (as long as they’re nice people!), they’ll also need to purchase a ticket(s), get them to use your “startup name” when signing up. However the focus of the party is for startups, so friends of friends is a bit of a stretch.

We also need people to register as it enables us to make sure we know who is meant to be there and who isn’t, how many veggies / vegans etc are coming.

We’ll provide free drinks, food and music all night.

You’ll know £5 hardly buys you one drink in most London pubs, so you’ll understand we’re sponsoring this event to a significant figure in order to get it off the ground as potentially a regular monthly event if there is enough interest.

They’ll be enough drinks to keep everyone going all night, but we’d appreciate if every one that comes on the night adds a small offering to the pile. We’ll then be able to host more of these for the startup scene if we think that people respect them and get on board that this needs to be “community driven” with a little kickstart / organisation from us!