Above is the photo of the last founders dinner.

“We move everyone around after each course, so no one at the table gets stuck next to me… No presentations, No speeches, No name badges.”

We enjoyed it, so we’ve picked a date for the next #FoundersDinner.

At the House of Commons (parliament Westminster!), in the members dining room.


For those who have never been to one of our founders dinners here is an overview. In a nutshell, its a meal with lots of startup founders. We tested at the last one allowing senior execs from larger companies and the public sector to attend, and we felt it was a very positive addition. So we’ll try it again.

There will be circa 120+ Founders, CEOs and directors.

Same format as the last one “A welcome drink, a 3 course meal with half a bottle of wine each (The Houses of Parliament is great, but not as cheap as Greggs, I only mention this as we’re subsidising costs by quite a bit, and overall it’s costing us a wedge). No dramas if you need extra drinks or want a specific cocktail as they can be individually paid for on the evening. I’d love to cover the complete bar tab, but we’re a bootstrapping startup and we’d rather not go bust.”

Even excluding any of the actual time it takes us as a team to organise the event it costs us about £100+ per head (venue booking fee + food + drink), see receipt from the last one at the bottom of the page. So I hope you understand we really need people to contribute if they want to attend. Below is what we are suggesting. If you’d like to come but can’t afford it, just let me know as I want to help people if they need support.

  • Early bird £40 (£65 after 8th July) for members of the Ministry.

  • £60 (£95 after 8th July) for our Alumni (we love you even if you left!).

  • £95 (£125 after 8th July) for Startup founders outside of the Ministry community & directors of local / national government.

  • We suggest £125+ for FTSE  CEOs / Equivalent private company directors etc. Yes I know that as a senior exec you probably never have to pay to attend events, however contributing more than £125 helps make it affordable for the startup founders. We’d obviously prefer you to come than not, so tell us what you want to pay… and we’ll say “yes”.

Yes I know I should find a sponsor, but that takes valuable time that I wish I had more of. However if you know anyone who would be interested then please intro… The no presentations and no speeches rule will still apply. No ifs, no buts. we’ve all been to loads of those types of events and I’d rather not yawn!

If your diary changes then I don’t think we should give refunds, if you can’t come let us know and we’ll try and re-sell your seat, if we do we’ll donate your ticket price to charity. We’ll give refunds if it gets cancelled or we need to change the date (very unlikely we’ll do either, but its worth saying just to reassure you).

Email luna@ministryofstartups.co.uk