A topic of long speculation amongst many of our members when they first join, and we’re often asked what it means.

Members usually presume that the logo is a representation of startups finding the energy to persevere and find a way to power though with no cash, so a banana is all they have to get energised to get the job done. It’s fun but definitely not how we came to choose the banana in the hand.

Originally Ben (the founder) wanted the Ministry logo to be a Rubik’s Cube, to symbolise the problem solving aspect to developing a startup.

However the first version drawn looked really corporate and he hated it. Version two was a more cartoon-like Rubik’s Cube. Also not our vibe and he started to worry that we might stumble into some licensing issues.

Ben then asked Teresa (the logo designer) to name some big companies.

“ummm Apple, Orange, Blackberry…” Teresa replied.

“Fuck it, let’s pick a fruit” he said and the rest, they say, is history.

So there is no rhyme or reason, it’s just a fruit.