We think we do coworking well, at least for those bootstrapping startups with teams under 20 people… (WeWork, ForaSpace, Secondhome, Huckletree probably do a better job of the premium stuff, as we don’t have the resources to enter that market, so we stick to what we know).

However, as many founders at the Ministry will vouch for, I can sometimes be a little too honest for the Ministry’s own good. Once you get to close to 20 people it is probably worth taking a look at a normal commercial lease from a landlord. Obviously there will be a little less flexibility in terms of lease length and some legal costs in reviewing lease legals etc (but it really depends how quick you think you’ll grow, just make sure you can sublet or if needed assign the lease, then at least there is some flexibility).

We’re happy to disrupt our own business model if it means helping more startups find affordable space and grow their businesses quickly. So if you have an idea of how much space you’re after then we can link you direct with commercial landlords in whatever part of London you want to be in. We’ve built up a good relationship with a number of family estates and large corporate land owners, they trust that we introduce companies to them and we’re able to vouch for you 🙂

We can provide a bit of advice on rent negotiation, fit-out costs (both nice and bootstrapping), internet infrastructure etc, we’ve been through the system enough times to know what is what, and what you should be aware of and how to approach it.