Is it better to have a few hot desking memberships in central London than a private office for 20+ people?

We’ve pulled together a list of tools, advice and guidance for those businesses planning to establish a remote working based company. We’ve started this post now as #CoronaVirus has given us a bit of a nudge that people might find the info useful, but it also has longer term applications.

…and then whilst just starting to type this post I found the link below thanks to Jeremy one of our members https://www.notion.so/Remote-work-wiki-1b21ef5501714fffa9f5c5c25677371f

I probably don’t need to write anything else, as that really ticks a lot of boxes, but I’ve started so I might as well add to it!

According to the UK government messaging coronavirus is likely to peak in about 8-12 weeks time.

Completely bunkering down if you work and live in London (…and are young and well) is a bit daft, but we do need to be mindful of trying not to get ill by following guidance on washing hands and wiping down door handles etc to minimise the infection rates/spread.

I think its comfortable to presume most people in the London wide work force will get it. Completely bunkering down and avoiding it given the governments strategy is unlikely unless you plan not leaving your home for the next 4-5 months. That’ll only works if you live on your own. If your partner or house mates are still heading out into the world then they’ll get it at some point… and as a result so will you regardless of how careful we all are in trying not to.

Benefits of remote working?

  • potential cost savings on office space if you’re all remote working… yes we know it’s how we make revenue, so why do we mention it? we’re here to help those who need us, not just sell to everyone… plus it’s an industry that has become so saturated that we only now do it when we think we can provide something genuinely affordable for those just starting out.
  • There is more flexibility for you and your team daily lives, all-remote work offers a number of advantages to organisations and their people.

Issues with remote working?

  • Equally there are some issues to overcome and its not for everyone
  • Tough to form a culture
  • Management and direction of company become more challenging? and also the sense of collective will and unity is a challenge.
  • Feeling isolated, less than ideal working environment for team, and the blur of boundary between work and home balance.

…But some companies thrive on it and have even produced guides for you to benefit from https://about.gitlab.com/company/culture/all-remote/guide/

Maybe its worth just having a few cheaper hot desking memberships so your team members can escape their house now and again?