Are you looking to surrender/assign a lease as you’re moving to new premises? we’d like to rent the space you’re vacating.

Have you got empty floor space whilst expanding? We’d like to rent your empty space, or work with you to run an accelerator programme.

Is your company innovating as fast as you’d like or need it to be? Is the culture agile and entrepreneurial enough to remain leaders in your sector? We can help achieve this in bringing fast growing startups to you through a carefully curated collaboration programme.

Startups innovate fast. They disrupt entire industries in short periods of time: just look at what AirBnB and Uber did to seemingly ‘stable’ industries. Young companies have entrepreneurial spirit; they can pivot swiftly and use this to their advantage. We believe with the right framework parts of large companies can become a bit more MVP and test ideas, which in turn creates a sense of ownership and belonging within teams (I’d word this as creating opportunities that are “more than just a salary”, humans love to learn!).

Learning from and partnering with a startups in their earlier stages is beneficial to both parties. In return for your company getting a boost (it’s exciting to be at the cutting edge trying to build something from scratch), whilst young entrepreneurs get exposure to the huge amounts of knowledge, experience and networks that large companies can offer.

Of course, there are plenty of options in moving forward as a company:

1. Don’t do anything. Carry on as normal.
2. Develop a more entrepreneurial & agile company culture.
3. Develop partnerships & collaborations with startups
4. Corporate venturing – Corporate venture capital (CVC) is booming. Last year investments grew by 86.5% and just under half of Europe’s largest 100 companies are now venture investing.

We’re an open book. We know that everyone has their own ideas, and ways of taking their companies forward, but we also know that everyone needs a starting point. So, while the list below is by no means definitive, see it as a guide in using fresh entrepreneurial spirit to add value to your company:

 Developing entrepreneurial culture
 Graduate schemes / Placements / Sabbaticals
 Product development
 Product testing
 Mentorship
 Corporate venturing

Get in touch: phone us or ping us an email. Come in for a coffee. Be nosey!

If you’re a Director/CEO of a major company then come along to one of our founders’ dinners, see the events tab for more info.

“You cannot transform working with startups into core business without the CEO being a convinced believer. If you don’t have someone at the top who believes in your programme, it won’t fly.”

– Javier Santiso, Managing Director – Telefónica