Above is a screen grab from British Land’s own website, we’ve appear in numerous sustainability reports, board reports, planning testimonials… etc

It’s great now that property developers and owners truly get it… we help businesses start, and then our members that grow become their future tenants, and the circle completes. So we just need to find more and more space!

“At multiple units along Elder Street & Blossom Street, part of our planned Blossom Street regeneration project, over 100 start-ups are operating in a temporary space that we’ve leased below market rents to the Ministry of Startups. From foodie entrepreneurs like Oliver Ashness, whose Simply Cook delivers recipe cards and ready-made pots of herbs and spices direct to the home, Emilie Holmes’ Good and Proper Tea, and Sarah Hilleary’s b-Tempted, specialising in gluten free cakes, to Picfair, which is taking on Getty with an image marketplace that offers better rates to photographers.”