I finally purchased a building, yes it’s not huge and there is a lot of work to do, but the fundamentals of the property are solid for us to test our idea (… well I think so… and £50,000 wouldn’t have got me a shed in London). I’ve rented it to Ministry of Startups Ltd at a rent which makes a coliving project viable over the next few years, hopefully if successful we’ll do similar elsewhere.

You might need to read this post first: Why a Tenerife coliving / cowork space?

…And then this one: Why Bajamar?

We need your help, we want to have an event on “Coliving spaces – the future of collaborative working?”.

We want to bring together people interested in coliving (users, providers, designers etc), and those who have design ideas and an interest in how we should divide the space to meet the needs of the community we’re looking to create.

I’d love to open a much bigger site (village), but sadly I don’t have a trust fund and therefore everything we do is bootstrapped… so it’s one step at a time… if I can prove the model then I can seek investors to help me create the ultimate vision.

I’ll rent the building to the Ministry at a low rent so we’ll be able to charge £250 pcm for your living and work space… I believe it is the future and therefore I’m putting my money where my mouth is… I’m not always right but I’m always willing to roll the dice and back ideas with my own money (I’m originally from a housing estate in Wolverhampton, so I don’t have pots of money).

I’d be happy to partner with others if interested in creating more similar spaces, however if you ask me to write quarterly board reports or write a business plan then maybe you’ve accidentally confused me with someone else… (yes I’d obviously give you access to Xero so you can see monthly financials etc, and show you how it works, just let me get on with getting shit done) the reason I left the corporate world was that I found the dull art of writing “arse covering” text a pointless exercise given the short amount of time we’re on this planet, I want to do things not just talk about them (… employ and back the people you trust, and share in their ups and downs, the “wins” and “learnings”).