Like the inception of many startup businesses, we found a problem that affected us and needed solving.

Whilst working on a totally different side project, Ben (MoS founder) needed well located and cheap/flexible workspace, the frills totally unnecessary at this point. After a long and boring search for space it was clear that nobody was able to satisfy these needs. You either had to be working from zone 3+ to guarantee real startup prices, or burn the majority of your cash reserve to be anywhere ‘desirable’. At least you were offered a beer tap right…

At this point, we realised that the only way to offer this, would be to temporarily restore old buildings in zone 1 prior to redevelopment and share the costs with our startup friends in exchange for their own space.

So we got going creating the right space with the things that startups actually need! A solid desk and chair, very quick internet and 24/7 access.

We focus on short-term lets with property owners which allows us charge way less and we’ve been doing this for nearly 5 years and now have 12 buildings.

All good so far, fingers crossed…