The BFG (Buildings for Good Ltd) is the Ministry of Startup’s charitable arm.

What are the main aims of the BFG:

    • Early stage code school / electronics courses using arduinos and raspberry pi, helping to skill the next generation of developers and engineers.
    • There is a massive skills gap in the UK economy and we don’t think currently that schools and universities are agile enough to deal with that problem, or at least not yet. We think in the interim we can help fill that gap.
    • The aim is to upskill and therefore reduce early adult unemployment, focusing on 18 – 25 year olds.
    • We’ll also provide affordable space for charities & social enterprises
    • Mentoring and training to help guide people to start their own businesses

We’ll post more info as soon as our application is approved hopefully in the next week or so (so circa end of July)… I forgot to submit a bank statement with the first application hence we’re a little bit behind, as in order to register a charity you need proof of the charity bank account with £5,000 in, who knew!? a very chicken and egg scenario as you can’t really open a charity bank account without charitable status 🙂

So we opened a bank account for The BFG, dropped £5k in and have re-submitted the application. All our other bank accounts are with Metro Bank who to date we think are amazing… and they helped us round the chicken / egg charity bank account scenario.

If you’re sitting there saying “I’m a technophobe… what the flip-flop is an Arduino?” then watch this video, it’ll help show roughly why/where we’re heading with this initiative.

How is that different from a Raspberry Pi?