Who Are We?


Our mantra is affordability. We believe that startups should find it easier to startup! Most workspace providers out there are geared up for companies already with cash. We focus on meanwhile space and keep things as affordable as possible to allow those bootstrapping companies out there to get going too!

We’re here to help startups and property owners alike and we do it in a number of ways:

  • We help startup businesses and entrepreneurs find the most affordable central London workspace.
  • We operate as a learning resource for all things ‘startup’. This comes through working with smart people to produce smart and useful reading material on this website- you’d be mad not to have a look. We also hold wide range of free startup talks/workshops for anyone interested.
  • We’re here to help property owners fill their empty properties, with a focus on vacant pre-redevelopment sites. We know short-term lettings well and have plenty of experience with them. We can turn units around very quickly and feel comfortable with short-term projects on rolling break clauses. We make it effortless.

Over a thousand people are based at the Ministry’s co-working spaces in London.

We now have more than 10 different coworking spaces in London & Lisbon, providing space for freelancers, startups and small businesses. So whether you want to be in a shared space or private office we can help (teams ranging from 1 to 16 people).

We’ve got offices for rent in Paddington, Whitechapel and Canning Town… and Bajamar in Tenerife will open at some point this year. We grow and shrink and grow as different spaces become available, at one point we had close to 100,000 sq/ft of space for startups and small businesses, so pretty much anything is possible.

There’s a range of coworking / private offices spaces. We’ve got space in “office type” & warehouse buildings like everybody else, but also we’ve got a row of Georgian town houses which were previously offices of the NHS.

Our spaces are eclectic, and that’s being kind to our founder who loves pianos and grandfather clocks, and many other random 19th century items. With this many real startups all hustling and bustling it’s never going to feel sleek and spick-and-span, so reign in your expectations we’re not this affordable without reason. We are here to help startups and businesses get going without breaking the bank, we’re not here to be on the equivalent of MTV cribs for coworking spaces.

We try and be different

We are here to help, whether you need coworking space, private office space, or a commercial kitchen, then we’ve got it… We’re not glamorous so if you’ve got a pile of cash to burn then you might find that coworking spaces such as WeWork or Foraspace more suitable for your burn rate, we’re definitely not scared of the competition, we’re just a little different.

We’ve never focused on attracting a particular sector. To begin with, this was just about us getting enough bums on seats so we wouldn’t go bust. Now, it’s a real decision to have coworking spaces full of businesses from different sectors. We’ve seen amazing collaboration and sharing of networks happen between the most unlikely of tenants. From fashion-tech and food-tech to fin-tech, we bring all startups together in the knowledge that we can all learn from each other.

A strong focus of ours is to be as transparent as possible. We are not a fan of how some of our competitors do things, like charging for meeting rooms and tying startups into 3, 6, 12 month contracts – startups don’t always know where they’ll be in 6 weeks, let alone 6 months! hence we do everything on a rolling month to month basis, and let people come and hang out for a few days before committing.